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We replace complex, difficult-to-maintain equipment with comparatively simple and more economical components.

We specifically design and fabricate our centrifugal blower for each and every project, and to the unique requirements of the application.

Our combination of impeller, bearing, and rotor dynamic technologies are unsurpassed In industrial fan industry in terms of strength, rigidity, and load capability. Our blower rotor system is constructed to resist the demanding loads imparted by tough applications due to process, Fouling, disrupted flow, and temperature and chemistry challenges.

We will design most blowers to operate direct coupled to the main driver, and eliminate the need for any gears, which reduces the amount of equipment, instrumentation, noise, and maintenance.
We manufacture from a variety of materials to meet specific process conditions, including high strength quench and tempered steels and Nickel Alloys.

Our standard lubrication, 100% oil pumps designed for simultaneous operation to ensure constant lubrication at all times and in the event of any type of plant system or equipment failure.

HSA Custom design high-pressure single and double stage low speed centrifugal blower combine intelligent technology with outstanding quality. HSA high-pressure blower can be used  in almost limitless ways, but especially as pressure-increase blower in industrial processing and chemical engineering, for the fluidization of powders, dusts and granulates in the cement, paint and plastics industry, as forced-draft blower  for firing plants, as combustion air blower  in industrial furnaces, glass-melting pans and smelting plants, yellow cake, nickel and copper, titanium pigments, chemicals, fertilizers, metal processing, oil refining, aluminum sulphate and pulp and paper.

They are the first choice where safe operation and high availability are required alongside optimum efficiency and low energy consumption.

HSA high-pressure low speed centrifugal blower are compact and strongly built. Flat performance curves permit wide variations in the flow volume at a constant pressure increase.

HSA manufactures centrifugal blower in a strong, welded construction. The fan scroll of the single inlet centrifugal fan is arranged in front of the motor pedestal so that it can be rotated, which means the fan casing can be positioned in 45° steps.

Light impellers make for easy starting up, which is why we manufacture them not only in welded steel but also in welded alloy of aluminum .

HSA balances the impeller dynamically in two planes, and arranges it in an overhung position directly on the motor shaft end or the end of the drive shaft. The perfect balancing of impeller and casing keeps noise levels low. By loosening the mounting plate, the impeller can easily be inspected, fitted or removed.
Our custom designs single and double stage blower are heavy-duty, long life and easy to maintain. Each blower is calculated and analyses frequency mods, martial strength with our specialist engineers & advance software and then constructed for its specific use based on process parameters.

HSA.CO low speed centrifugal blower range:

Shaft speed: 2975 RPM
Mass Flow rate: up to 15 m3/s
Pressure: up to 60 kPa
Shaft power: up to 1.000 kW
Temperature: up to 100 °C
Tip speed: up to 220 m/s