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HSA has been manufacturing high-quality fans and blowers. So naturally, we know a thing or two about the critical components. When performance and reliability demands increase, the need for robust bearings increases as well. That’s why we created custom design HSA Bearings unit for high-speed blower &fan applications.

Bearing Features:
•    Two-bearing unit ensures precision alignment of bearing inserts.
•    For ultimate reliability.
•    Includes best engineering design arrangement & combinations and available upon request.
•    Higher speed capabilities than separate pillow block housings.
•    Ideal for high temperature blower, fans.
•    Ideal for blower, fans and other overhung rotating equipment.
•    Heavy cast iron construction.
•    Oil injection lubrication.
•    Shaft size ranges from 40 mm to 120 mm.

•    Equipped Oil circulator, filter and cooler.